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Over 30 years designing and fabricating optoelectronic thin films, the Engineers at YPT have built up experience and a network of worldwide contacts that can help with more than simply depositing coatings on your substrates. In addition to our in-house production capabilities, we can also source new and second user vacuum deposition and metrology equipment for your production facility. Whether that might be an evaporation unit for optical coating, fabrication tools for bulk and micro-optics or spectrometry and interferometry for component measurement, YPT can help. Add device and process design, development and demonstration and we can offer ‘turnkey’ solutions.

We have installations in China, India and Europe, here’s just a couple of examples in the Ophthalmic and Precision Optics sectors.


Satis 900 Box Coater for Ophthalmic Lenses












SatisLoh are the world’s foremost manufacturers of ophthalmic coating equipment. This is a used 900D box coater sourced in Europe for an American client and installed in their spectacle lens manufacturing facility in Wuxi, China. As well as de-commissioning, packing and shipping the machine to China, YPT re-commissioned it and also established ophthalmic lens coating processes  -  an entire ‘turnkey solution!!


Leybold LAB600 for Polarising Beamsplitters














The LAB600 is a Leybold Desden built 600mm box coater designed for R&D and small batch production. They’re very compact, versatile and much in demand  -  in fact we run one at YPT! This 600 is equipped with two large capacity e-guns and a hollow cathode neutralized Kaufmann ion source giving no film contamination from the tungsten filaments usually used for ion beam neutralization. This Chinese client needed to be able to deposit up to 80 layers by ion-assisted evaporation for polarizing beamsplitters that had no edge shift under some tough environmental conditions. No problem! De-commissioning, shipping, installation in Fuzhou, China, and process demonstration - again the full solution….



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